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2017 Alumni Parade

Windsor, VT Alumni

The 2017 Alumni Parade theme is: CHILDREN'S TOYS!

Parade Rules and Regulations

1. Please register with the parade chairperson, Traci Smiley ’84 by e-mailing or calling 802-274-0561.  Traci will confirm your registration upon its receipt.  Please review the Parade Rules and Regulations, sign, scan and email or mail to Traci at 198 East Main Street, Lunenburg, VT 05906.  

2. In order to be judged, floats must be registered by 1 June 2017 – first come, first registered, and thus first choice of theme.  This year’s theme is Childrens’ Toys.

3. Floats are to be assembled for the parade along North Main Street across from the Price Chopper by 9:30 AM, in order of the graduation year (there are no restrictions to what years may participate), following instructions from chairperson and/or designated parade committee, which may include but not be limited to:  Traci Smiley.   Lineup starts at 8:30 AM.  If arriving prior to the end of the MM5k (approximately 9:30AM), please lineup NORTH of the entrance to Lake Runnemeade in the break down lane on the SOUTH Bound side of Route 5 ONLY (unless directed by the parade coordinators).  There will be Markers staked along the break down lane indicating where floats should lineup by class year.  The graduating class Seniors are always the last class represented followed by Fire Trucks and Emergency Vehicles. The parade will start promptly at 10:00AM. Please DO NOT park floats in the Price Chopper Parking lot!  Please note that the Price Chopper, Aubuchon’s and Dollar Depot remain open during the parade lineup.

4. Floats are required to have the theme and graduation year prominently displayed.  Participation is limited to class members, their spouses, and children.  Classes who choose to have a float but NOT stay true to the identified theme may participate in the lineup but will be disqualified.  

5. Drinking of alcoholic beverages or the use of illicit drugs on or around the floats at any time, before or during the parade, are grounds for immediate disqualification.

6. Nothing is to be thrown from the float.  Participants walking alongside their float may hand out candy.  Safety monitors – such as “wheel walkers” must accompany each float.

7. All floats are to be judged in the following areas:
A. Design and appearance
• Quality – i.e. original (not store-bought) costumes, signs, decorations
• Finished look – painted, no rough edges, overall coverage of trailer
• Technology – i.e. water, mechanics, lights, sound making certain NOT to target the crowd (especially young children or seniors) with water, painful noise, or lights.
B.  Class participation and energy/spirit
• Continuous interaction throughout the parade appropriate to the theme 

Floats will be judged by a panel of judges located along Main Street on the above noted criteria.  When your float gets to the Windsor House please STOP briefly as your float is announced, so that the judges/onlookers may inspect/admire your handiwork.

The Windsor Police Department will lead the parade, followed by the Brattleboro American Legion Band and color guard.  Please follow the band.  

Cash prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.  Winners will be announced at the common at 11:30 AM.

By signing, class representative recognizes the above-listed parade rules and regulations.

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